“Learning through activities, discovery and exploration in a child friendly and child centered manner” has changed teacher’s role from “rage on the stage” to “guide on a side”. In the new era the school has become a place which fosters an enabling environment for development of individual competencies.


We are "Committed to provide quality education in safe environment through involvement and dedication." We at this KV are striving hard to provide that environment to the students through specially designed activities to help them realize their potential to the fullest extent and contribute usefully and effectively to the community. so that when they pass out, they are not mere literates but educated in the real sense of the term. The vidyalaya provides many platforms which helps the children to come out with many creative ideas in the field of drawing, painting, short stories, poems etc. To inculcate reading habits, class libraries have been introduced in Primary and we are trying our level best to adopt CCE in its true spirit.


For the better future of children, parents and teachers must join hands and give a positive feedback so that every child can be an asset to the society. In this context I wish to thank The KVS, our VMC, parents and local community for giving us a wholehearted support in our endeavours without which the task would not have been so easily accomplished.




Balaram Mohanty